Mehdi Shiri is born in one of the small cities of Iran, Hamedan in 1989. He started to learn about the basics of drawing and animation with the help of his two elder brothers. Since his living place was located among the trees and gardens, he was always searching and training his viewpoints toward natural colors and events. He made a small animation titled “Nano” when he was 9 years old. He attended the Fine Arts school in Hamedan and started drawing caricatures as he won numerous awards in the international festivals in Republic of Czech, China, Bulgaria and Iran between 2006 and 2007. His love for the animation grew further during the same years and he traveled to Tehran to collaborate in a number of animation projects. After 3 years and collaboration in numerous series as the concept artist and art director, he traveled back to Hamedan in order to continue painting in his own style. He exhibited his works in Homa art gallery by 2014, and he took part in some other group exhibitions. By 2016, he exhibited his paintings titled “Life” and a short animation with the title of “Still Life” in Delgosha art gallery. Then he reached for a more personal and experimental view over animation, he worked on his paintings during these dates. In 2017, he became acquainted with the New Media Society after taking part in the Limited Access Festival, it made him think about organizing some research meeting sessions in the context of animation and experimental cinema. “Still Life” animation has been screened in different exhibitions, festivals, and events, including Edge of Frames. Shiri was appointed as the jury for the creativity section of Globe Silent festival in the United States.