Visual Velocities

KASKcinema and X-Ray, together with the Iranian Animation; Experiment collective, and New Media Society, cordially invite you for a walk through Ghent. This walk leads you past both familiar and new sights as the Ghent cityscape gets transformed into a multi-sided projection screen on which an exciting selection of experimental animation work finds its way. Visual Velocities offers a collection of experimental animations from Iranian contemporary artists and Filmmakers. Under a revised version of animation walk the collection tries to question the inconsistent concepts of distance and displacement on different levels trying to address these questions: “What is the relation between the distance taken and displacement vector? How far we have come? What is the relation between the distance taken and displacement vector? The collection itself together with the way of presenting tries to explore the concept of movement in the domain of our perception. In an effort to reclaim the screening venues that were put under lockdown since November, the public space becomes a large-scale open-air movie theater From March 26 to Sunday, April 18 of 2021.
In the Bijloke and Citadelpark neighborhoods a diverse selection of 16 animation films and video works have been encrypted in QR codes and pasted on the skin of the city. Each in their own unique way, these films use or surpass the affordances of the animation medium to deal with the distances that can map out and define our lives. Using this map we ask the film-minded flâneur to engage with the city space differently in order to discover the sights and sounds of these Iranian contemporary artists.


The collection, selected by Maryam Katan, includes works from Animation Walk in Tehran, Vienna and Isfahan, selected animations for 8th Limited Access festival, Parkingallery video archive, and newly added works for this program:


• Une visite/ Parissa Mohit (2018) 12:11
• Where do we go from here? / Avish Khebrezadeh (2011) 07:21
• Eperience of/ Kasra Yazdani (2019) 02:02
• Twenty eight/ Amin Aghayi (2013) 01:09
• Signals from the rooftop/ Milad forouzandeh (2020) 03:03
• Three Minutes of Headless life/ Tara Najd Ahmadi (2015) 02:24
• Left Over/Yasaman hasani (2018) 03:53
• Hormoz fever/ Somayeh Khakshoor (2018) 04:52
• Still Life/ Mehdi Shiri (2016) 04:00
• Approaching Rest Area/ Zarin Salahi (2014) 02:22
• [Photosensitive Epilepsy] Do Not Hesitate/Behnoud Mohammadi (2020) 12:33
• New York City subway /Farshid shafiey (2018) 01:00
• Gerd-all/ Nairy Eivazy (2018) 04:21
• Horse walking test/ Niloofar Naderi (2019) 01:00
• A. Sight / Amir Kazemi (2019) 00:19
• See You Soon/ Farid Yahaghi (2020) 03:37

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