Tehran Animation Walk

Tehran Animation Walk 2018

Animation Experiment in collaboration with Asifa Iran and New Media Society presents:Tehran Animation Walk – Fall 2018

Coinciding with the International Animation Day and Iranian Animation Week, “Animation, Experiment” collective in collaboration with Asifa -Iran and New Media Society intends to bring the animation movies by Iranian directors and animation designers to the city-scape and publicly screen them for the potential Tehrani audience in center of the city for one day in November 2018.
A hand-full of addresses are pinned on a map in the districts of Karim Khan and Valiasr Junction (City Theater), the selected locations simultaneously display a number of short animated movies each, repeatedly on a loop through the 6th of November 2018. The viewers are expected to find out about the screening points and the displayed works by exploring the map.
The wide range of the screening venues, located in various layers of the city, invites the viewers to recognize and re-familiarize themselves with the diverse careers and places in the districts. Tehran animation walk is an effort to find the new audience(s) for animation, beyond the circle of the informed and interested ones. It is intended to be an urban experiment in public art sphere, a collaboration which hopes to learn in the process, brings up questions and might even produce knowledge and push the boundaries of animation and its contemporary definition.


Telegram: www.T.me/TehranAnimationWalk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/TehranAnimationWalk