“Animation; Experiment” collective has started in July 2017 with the cooperation of the New Media Society and a group of experimental artists, animation graduates, and researchers to improve the knowledge about non-mainstream and experimental animation as an art medium. We try to arrange meetings in New media society, every 2 weeks on Wednesdays.

Introducing and screening less-known yet important works, understanding the artists’ viewpoint in experimental animation and other related fields, communicating with Iranian and International contemporary artists via Skype and (if possible) inviting them in person for a talk, introducing festivals and relevant platforms, and eventually; creating artworks by holding workshops are the programs we will work on during these conventions.

Recognizing the element of “occurrence”, the “Animation; Experience” team provides audiences with valuable sources and teaching themselves through a dynamic and avant-garde structure, led by a group of young artists and researchers, who voluntarily translate, write and archive the experimental works for screening.